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The main product of Iranian Zinc Mine Development holding companies (IZMDC) is zinc ingot. IZMDC holding considerable capacity include the major amount of total zinc ingot production in Iran. The main reasons of establishing the Zinc Industry Development Commercial Co. (ZIDCC) were the necessity of integration, and coordination in producing, selling, distributing and controlling on prices in national and international markets.

ZIDCC (join stock) with 10460069766 national ID and according to 3650 registration number was registered in company’s registration and industrial properties of Zanjan, beyond the name of Zanjan Zinc Development Commercial Co. (join stock) at 26 March 2000.

Subsequently, company’s name was changed to Zinc Industry Development Commercial Co. (ZIDCC) (join stock), and its head office was transferred from Zanjan to Tehran at 8 July 2009. It was registered beyond number 350293 at State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties, Company Registration Grand Office of Tehran. Company Capital in 2010 was increased from one billion Rials to 50 bilion ones, and the company’s shareholder composition changed at 2011.

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